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Global medical device market in 2011 will reach $ 312 billion

Author:Minper D.S Date:2011-11-5 21:06:32
Global medical device market in 2011 will reach $ 312 billion
KaloramaInformation recently published a new research report  "global medical device market." By predicted, global medical device market in 2011 will reach $ 312 billion, MRI instrument, laparoscopic surgical equipment and medical gloves will be the faster-growing product in next few years. The report of KaloramaInformation  is completed based on industry conferences, medical equipment market and the main company's annual report.
KaloramaInformation sponsor BruceCarlson said: "The increased demand in emerging markets, the need of reducing the time for hospitalization and the arrival of aging society, these are potential power of growth of the medical device market, and some medical devices are routine-oriented, and competition more intense, so prices will be relatively stagnant, while other device which can reduce
hospitalization time, homecare device products, such as patient monitors, oxygen systems, and home analyzer, is expected to be rapid growth. "
The report also predicted that in next few years, global medical device market will be growth with the rate of 4% to 6% (global medical device market in 2009 to reach 29 billion U.S. dollars). As the global recession, the medical device market growth has slowed over the past few years, but with the economic recovery and the level of middle-income emerging market consumers demand health care services, medical equipment market will continue to grow . However, while hundreds of companies in the global medical device market are share the market, but the main beneficiaries may be only the top 30 sales companies.